Overcoming Your Fears…

On May 24, 2009, in Being an Entrepreneur, by tgoodridge

fear_hiding_face1It’s a Sunday morning, and the kids are amazingly quiet. I’m in the living room with some relaxing music playing, and it’s giving me some time to reflect. So.. time to quickly jot down a few thoughts…

I came across this terrific article today from the Huffington Post via Tori Stuart, another fellow entrepreneur (and CEO of Zoe Foods). The title of the article is “Overcoming Your Fears”. Here is the quick summary.

1. Face your fears.

2. Talk about your fears.

3. Stop complaining about everyone else.

4. Have compassion with yourself.

5. Practice yoga.

6. Eat well.

7. Smile.

8. Write down your plan.

9. Stay You.

10. Keep dusting.

This is a terrific list, one that I’m going to print out and refer to often.

I can’t say that I’m a Yoga person, and probably won’t ever be,  but I like this list because of its simplicity. You can refer to all the business leadership books in the world, but if you first don’t confront the “Fear Factors” in life you won’t be able to get to being more productive, being a better manager, etc.

So, enjoy- here is the link to the full article…

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